What our clients are saying about us . . .

Amy was able to literally transform my condo into a sanctuary! My home is my place to retreat from my stressful job and I needed it done with a budget in mind. I have had several friends see my new place and they are amazed and really feel that Amy captured the essence of who I am and how I want to feel in my home. I would and do highly recommend Amy Stephens to anyone that needs interior design/feng shui work.
Gregory Meadows Denver, CO

"Amy helped my husband and I realize that we were stuck and needed more balance in our lives, he got a new job with a salary increase. I am involved with things that I want to do and we are spending more time together as a family."
Angel Stahr, St. Peters, MO

"Amy is amazing!!! She helped me get control of the clutter in my home office and I now have all kinds of energy and new clients."
Karen Spiez, Phoenix, AZ

"After our long distance feng shui appointment, with Amy's help our private practices have doubled in business. We have had to hire more employees to help our business grow. We are very delighted in Amy's help!"
Tara Dickherber-Gearing, Licensed Professional Counselor &
Eric Gearing is Doctor of Chiropractic, Louisiana, MO

"Amy's ideas for both of my studios have really stirred the energy. The fountain at the entrance of my home studio and the crystal hanging in the middle of the room are drawing in new students and just give a feeling to the space that has energized me as well. At the Foundry Studio her suggestion for the mirror to reflect back any negative energy and to keep my space positive has been most effective. The mobile keeps the energy flowing and unable to stagnate near the high ceiling. It also catches everyone's attention.....a good way to draw in customers."
Jan Groeneman, World reknown Professional Artist and Author, St. Peters, MO

"After Stephens ID & Associates left my studio, I had two walk-in clients and they ordered right after their session. I was absolutely amazed! We had so much fun during the consultation as well!"
Candy Thornton, Easel Photography, Glendale, AZ

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