The ancient practice of yoga consists of much more than the physical asanas (postures).  The practice takes us back to the original form of breathing.  Learning to create a steady flow of pranayama (life force/breath) is the essence of your day, your yoga practice and your life. 

Along with the asanas there are many other aspects of yoga.  For instance, non-attachment; to be able to move through life without attaching to material items, emotionally attach to someone or something that does not “belong” to you however without having an emotional disconnect from those items.  

The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga consists of the following:
These are the blueprint for controlling a restless mind and create everlasting peace within.  Learning to create balance between the physical body and mental body to reach the highest space spiritually. 

  1. Yamas (abstensions) truth, nonviolence, control of sexual energy, nonstealing
  2. Niyamas (observances) purity, study, surrender of the ego
  3. Asanas (postures)
  4. Pranayama (breath work)  control of vital energy
  5. Pratyahara  withdrawl of the senses
  6. Dharana concentration of the mind
  7. Dhyana (meditation)
  8. Samadhi the superconscious state

The beautiful practice of yoga is for all levels.  I teach a variety of yoga classes across the United States and would be happy to discuss my workshops with you.    

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